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My Letter to You in this Season

Hey everyone,

How are you doing in this period? I hope you are taking safety precautions and washing your hands very often. This period has been a trying time for everyone: whether you have been directly or indirectly affected. Well, I am here to spread a little bit of hope.

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A Story on Consistency

Once upon a time, I was asked to give a talk on consistency. I didn’t know what to say or how best I could drive home my point. I mean we all know the basics; you have to be consistent in doing something if you truly want it to grow and all that. But then again, we just add that to all the other bunch of information we know and rarely apply. *Don’t worry, I am dragging myself too*. So yes, back to the talk on consistency. As I began to prepare for my talk, I came across a peculiar story about the Chinese bamboo tree.

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I know we have all heard about the five love languages. Some of us might have even taken quizzes to figure out which one of them best speaks to us. Anyway, in church (at House on the rock), we were reading a passage about showing love and I could feel the question “how” hovering around and my mind went to the five love languages. So this is my theory:


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Hey beautiful people, how have y’all been?

Happy New Month. I hope that this month brings you growth in all aspects.

Alright, I know it has been a while since you all heard from me over here. The month of February was basically full of exams and all that. But, the good news is that I am back home!

Well, let me catch you up. So as you all know, I am in my fourth year in Engineering at University and as part of my school work, I have a mandatory six month period of internship. Yeah, I am going to be home for six beautiful months. In view of that, I have an announcement to make (well, at the end of this post)

In this post, I want to talk about an important subject.

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The morning rays dazzled my eyes as I grudgingly removed my blindfolds. Like a routine, I stretched my hand to turn off the alarm clock that disturbed my sleep. It was 7am, but the room was still dark with little lighting due to the peculiar window that was open in a way that the sun rays could hit my eyes perfectly. It was so quiet that I could hear my thoughts which was strange given the time of the morning. This place is weird, I thought to myself. Reluctantly, I stood up from the low-rise bed that creaked as I rose. I glanced at my already ironed white shirt and faded blue trousers. “Such a boring uniform”. But I had no choice. At least, I had a job. The unemployment rate was so high in this place. The city was in desperate need for miracle. But what could I do, I was just a waitress in a normal restaurant. In record time, I got ready for work and said goodbye to my dim apartment.

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