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My Birthday Gift to you

So it’s my birthday today, and I thought it would be befitting for me to give y’all a gift. Here is my birthday gift to you:

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Connecting with People

Life is all about getting to share experiences with people, both the good moments and the not so good ones. There is so much beauty in crossing paths with people and actually making connections that could last a lifetime. Recently, I’ve been talking a lot about how God places all the pieces of the puzzle together and completes the bigger picture, but I’ve realized that most of all those pieces are people He has placed in our lives.

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The Bigger Picture

You know I haven’t being consistent with posting on the blog. A lot of things haven’t being going as well as they should do I wanted to hide. I wanted to hide from my blog because this is meant to be a source of inspiration and motivation to people, and so I didn’t want to write about my struggles,

As a writer, my current feelings would affect my work. Even down to my choice of words, you would know something was wrong. But I forgot for a brief moment that there is beauty in the struggle. There is beauty in the process, you just have to trust the process.

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The Road to Silicon Valley (Pt 1)

Wow, I haven’t been here for ages. But I can explain, I have my reasons or rather I have my stories. And my hands can’t wait to spill the tea. You see for you to understand this story, I have to start from the beginning, right where it all began.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon in Covenant University, I had just woken up from the customary Sunday nap. Then I felt a nudge in my spirit. {I must pause the story at this point and tell you that you have to read this story with an open mind lest you miss out on all the good stuff. Do we have a deal? )

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