I wrote part of this story for my college essay. Well, I didn't get in, their loss.
I never learnt how to swim. I grew up in the northern part of Nigeria where majority of the earth is covered by dry land. That was my excuse.

When I was in SS2, we had a compulsory leadership training in sea school Lagos. The first task was to jump into a section of the Lagos lagoon. In their own words "we were to familiarize with the water" I was freaking out to say the least. 

With only a bloated life jacket to keep me afloat, I jumped into the brown waters. I felt myself hit the floor then came the ascent along with swallowing of the sea refuse. Yuck! 

In the days that followed, I went into water bodies willingly. I even body surfed in Takwa bay. 

Enough about me, what's that thing holding you back? What are you afraid of. It's time to face it head on. 

Feel free to share your stories in the comments.



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  1. I love the idea of facing fears head on! And think it’s so admirable that you jumped into the water even though you were scared. I can’t swim either. I’m afraid of my illness which stops me from doing allot of things other people my age do but I will never let it control me and will never give up! I can’t wait to follow your blogging journey! Have a lovely day! 😄💗

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