The Journey 

I feel we all reach a tipping point. The moment when we come to face with our insecurities. The moment when we have to decide what we want in our life. We try to control the big guns. The urge to succeed is inborn and the tipping point leads to its fulfillment. The journey to self discovery begins at that tipping point.

My first year in university taught me a crucial lesson, knowing yourself is a major key. At this point, you're thinking is this a pep talk or what. "Nah G" This is that seasonal movie you follow episode by episode. The type you can enjoy and learn from at the same time. Luckily for you, some flashbacks are present in the first episode.

This blog is going to have various forms of expression; Pictures, music, quotes or personal items that all convey a message. I must warn you though: I am not a published writer or an English prodigy, I am just a teenager inviting you along on my journey to discovery.


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