Do it for the gram!

Do it for the gram!
I take a picture, I apply filters and fonts. I scrub and polish. Then I post the finished work. You see the outcome, you assume that's reality. I have successfully altered your perception of my 'realness'. A third party views the picture. She judges the raw version of herself with my polished altered version. If unluckily, according to her judgment, she falls short. She begins to fight an unrealistic enemy. She struggles to be perfect. She wants to be the polished work. She starts to lose herself in the process.

Now initially my aim of posting the picture maybe for aesthetics or art or just for fun. Or I maybe I too wish I was the polished version. Am I being myself or merely a replica of what you expect me to be. 

Now there are three responses the dear third party can give to my picture.

The first: After a continuous supply of pictures like mine, she begins to enter the sunken place. Low self esteem, lack of self worth, struggles with an alternate reality. Battles with the invisible that drains her beautiful self.

The second: Retaliation. Here, she's a strong person and wants to become like me. She plays my own game and copies me. But little does she know, she's battling for second place. She can't beat me at being me. She's malnourishing her own first place self.

The third: She's aware. She doesn't compare herself to me. She is content and at peace with herself. She sees the picture and appreciates the art. She compliments me and continues on her way.

Truly it's easier said than done. You can only be your best self when you're either:

  • Content with where you are.
  • Content with the EFFORT you're putting to be where you want to be.

Trying to be like someone you're not will not get you anyway. Don't let social media fool you into being just another bandwagon follower. Starving the world of the awesomeness that's you and being second rate is not acceptable. Why not be first rate of yourself. Why not be you. The clean, unedited version of you. It's not to late to reach out to your inner awesomeness, it's not at all. Take time to detox from social media. Take time to discover what you truly want. Take time to be you in your full regalia. 

Why not use all that time to build yourself. Read books, develop innate skills, enjoy life and be with people that love you. I mean you're allowed to be a masterpiece and work in progress simultaneously.

When all is said and done, I really hope you have the happiness you portray on social media.

Why not : Do it for yourself!

Love, AJ 


18 thoughts on “Do it for the gram!

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  1. Wow I really enjoyed this read. Your blog looks really great, and I’m happy to find bloggers who I relate to. You just gained a new follower! πŸ˜‰

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  2. Couldn’t agree more. I’m not quite a masterpiece but definitely a working progress. I think enjoying life, finding your passion and improving yourself is so important. Always aiming to be the best version of yourself without holding yourself to an unrealistic perfection.
    Great post πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»

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