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Sometimes I ask myself, was I born in the wrong side of the world. Was I born into a failing system. Was I born into a country whose president may have memory loss (conspiracy theory). Or was I just born at the wrong time or wrong place. As a kid, I heard tales of the famous ‘abroad’. A place where you could leave your goods open in a market and find it the next morning. A place where there was uninterrupted power supply (As I write this, there is presently no electricity at my house). A place where after college, you could easily find a job and after some years go on vacation with your family leaving your dog in care of your neighbor. As I grew up, it became my dream to go to college abroad. To experience life in different dimension. To breathe in the air we feel in our dreams and ultimately to order pizza from my house. I don’t even like pizza, It just seemed like the right thing to hope for. When the time for college came, my hope in the abroad dream waned. The possibility of it happening was based on another possibility. And at the end of the day, it just didn’t work. Disappointment was an understatement. The pizza dream was getting farther and farther. 

The day I heard the news about my lost dream, it rained heavily. I walked under the rain that day not bothering to look for shelter. It just felt like the right thing to do. But the sun kept shining that day and the day after that. The wind sauntered across and I felt free again. I wasn’t going to worry about the greener grass at the other side. I was going to water the grass at this side. And maybe, someday (in the nearest future) I’ll make a bridge between the two sides. 

Today, I woke up smiling 

Happy for the simple things in life

Grateful for the air I breathe

Thankful for the food I eat

Joyous for the time spent with loved ones

I’m wiser today because I know what makes our experience is how the respond to situations. 

The common analogy : is the glass half empty or half full. But to me: does the glass actually contain all you need.

So in the end, I don’t ask myself if I am at the wrong side of the world, I know I’m out here living and making the most of it.



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