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Connecting with People

Life is all about getting to share experiences with people, both the good moments and the not so good ones. There is so much beauty in crossing paths with people and actually making connections that could last a lifetime. Recently, I’ve been talking a lot about how God places all the pieces of the puzzle together and completes the bigger picture, but I’ve realized that most of all those pieces are people He has placed in our lives.

If you can do something for me right now, look around you at the people you’re working with or living your best lives with and just try and remember all the experiences you’ve been through. If you are like me, you will find out that you have enough memories to write a book.

This past week, I had to make a pitch to a couple of well-connected people during an event. The pitch was for an Enactus project (Click here to understand ) and it went well, thank God. But that’s not the point, during the event, one of the invited guests gave a speech. It was Enyi Omeruah and he spoke about stories and how stories connect people with other people from different cultures. And how people always want to hear stories that resemble them, that tell their truth, that represent them. As he was speaking, it just reminded all over again why I actually loved to write on my blog for you guys. Why I had to tell my truth in order to connect with someone else who I may not even know. And that is real beauty.

One of my beautiful friends, Tomi gave me a book on the first day of Enactus National Competition. The book is “Don’t settle for safe by Sarah Jakes Robert’. I had high expectations for book but I kid you not guys, it floored my expectations. It touched every single aspect of life, then it ended with “Above all I want for you to embrace your truth and your identity with an unapologetic strength. You cannot risk confining yourself to the roles people would prefer for you to stay in. You have the power to own your voice. Don’t let people scare you out of using it. Be patient. Find something beautiful about life every day. Find God in everything you do. That’s how you will become a light the world cannot diffuse. When your light burns for Him the world will have to take notice.” When I closed the pages of that book, I thanked God for Sarah that she obeyed God and followed her purpose. Then I thanked God for Tomi because she was one of the pieces in God’s bigger picture. Then I realized I had to write to you all because who knows who will connect with this story.

But that was not all that happened this past week, one of my mentors, Mr Lekan had to leave for the next chapter of his life and it was really emotional. During his final moments, he gave me an illustration that I believe its befitting to share with you.

It’s called the ‘The symbolism of the cross’. I, as a person, is in the middle of my cross. I have people I look up to as leaders, mentors and teachers who have gone ahead of me and can lead me up. They are at the top of the cross. Then there are people by your sides, these are your peers and people who you are working and growing together with. They are the people who you have a symbiotic relationship with. Then there are the people at the bottom of your cross. These are the people who look up to you and who you have the responsibility to bring up with you. And it struck me, have you been playing your part in your connections with people?

So I leave this with you: May this week be as beautiful as you are and I hope each day feels like fresh flowers all over again.

-Love, Adeoluwa

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