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Living In The Present

Reading Chimamanda books has a way of making you feel like a writer. Her words will invite you into the story and at some point it would feel as though you had a say in how the novel plot was going to progress.

This morning, I read Americanah. I had read the book before earlier in the decade. It was sometime in senior secondary school. I remember it was Oge that had the book. Oge was a really good friend. She was kind, funny and very smart. She had always been wise beyond her years. I remember the last term we saw her, she had a camera and took pictures with all of us. Looking back we all wondered if she had known. But I know she hadn’t, she was just being human, living in the present. Writing this, I realized I had never written about her all these years. Maybe somehow writing about her would have made it more real. I remember her IG bio “I am aware that I am rare”

She truly was.

Everyone has been talking about this past decade. It truly was the decade that defined a lot of things. I met a whole lot of my friends. People I ate with, sang with, laughed with, and cried with. I went to sea school in this decade. I felt like most of us changed after sea school, we became more fearless. I recall our motto “You only live once”. Well, you actually live every day.

2019 was a befitting year to end this decade. I had so many beautiful experiences this year. Some not as beautiful but still as rewarding, I went to my first concert in 2019 “I know, at my age 😂. It was a Johnny Drille concert. I even got to climb the stage. I dissolved a huge layer of my comfort zone this year. It is as if as you grow older, you decide to allow yourself to be free. To allow yourself to fail but fail forward. To pick up the pieces before they stay too long on the floor.

This December, I had an Instagram detox. It was first triggered by wanting to reclaim my time. Then it prolonged because it just felt right. It was like I could turn off the noise and live more in the present. I recommend that everyone does a social media detox once in a while. It can help the roots sink deep.

It’s funny how you can become strangers with someone you were so close to. Maybe funny is not the word, it is amusing. Everyone goes on living their life. My philosophy is this: For the time we have them with us, however brief or long, plant seeds of love that can always be nurtured and reaped.

Towards the ending of the year, I hadn’t been posting on the blog. I told myself I didn’t have time or that no one was reading it. Obviously, those were just excuses. Writing would always be dear to me. It had started from my love of books and when I realized that maybe I could create some magic too, I was elated. I wonder if you have discovered the magic in you.

2020 is upon us. If you don’t know where you are going, at least know where you are coming from. Well, knowing the One who knows all things would be much better.

Looking back at this post, it seems like just random thoughts needing a string to tie it up. I guess this is just me saying; in all the noise of life, don’t forget to live.

Make sure you document more in the New Year.


Picture: My girls and I (November 2019)

16 thoughts on “Living In The Present

  1. Trying to dissolve layers of my comfort zone too, and on behalf of the AJ blog fan club (working title) I urge you to write in your free time and we are always eager to read and be inspired by you. To living 🥂

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  2. I love this. I wish I had read this earlier, not that I’m old but I would have loved to live in 2019 and not just go through it. But I guess reading it now makes me want to live in the moments I have. So, thank you.

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