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A Short Positive Story

Today, I want to tell you a short story about hope. I wish for it to bring a smile to your face as it did mine.

The year is 2017, I was on my way back to school after a beautiful break. I was traveling with family friends. Once we arrived at Lagos, we were picked up at the airport by our usual cab driver. Let’s call him Mr A for this post. Mr A works for an Oga* who runs a cab service with lots of cars and drivers. This means that Mr A doesn’t have a car of his own, or clients of his, he’s just an employee of his Oga. But Mr A is a very jovial person, he is a good driver and also an intelligent person. He tells us stories about his work, how his Oga treats him unfairly but the stories are always coated with hope. He says things like “Even though things are like this, I know God will still do it for me” or “E go still better”. I’m usually just a listener in his talks about politics, bad roads and life.

As the years progress, Mr A is still our constant driver for our Lagos to School journey.

The year is 2020, I was on my way back to school after a relaxing break.. you know how the story goes. Mr A picks us up at the airport but this time the story is different. Apparently, his Oga sent home away unjustly leaving him with no means to feed his family. One fateful day during this trying period, he receives a call from one of his old clients who needed his service. After explaining that he has no car now, this client tells him to come over and listens to his story. Two days later, the client buys a car for him so that he is able to pay back with a little interest.

So now Mr A has his own car and works for himself and his family. He is almost done paying back the car.

Hope, consistency and good relationships really paid off for Mr A.

The End

Oga* – A Nigerian Pidgin Word

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