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Comparison Culture

Flowers will bloom in the appointed time, fruits will yield in their season. The rains are here, droplets from the sky to bless the earth. The seed planted by the farmer will grow now that the rains are here. The trees will give their shade to the weary traveler. When it rains, the traveler will be distraught, but not for long, because the farmer will invite him to his home and they will share a meal together. In the morning, the traveler will be on his way, knowing that the rains caused him to receive kindness.

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Be Still

It was one of those days, the ones that felt like you had already lived them out. Yet, at the back of my mind, I could feel something slightly different; like a tug on my ear. I stepped out for some air, it was my first time in days coming out. The breeze assaulted my face as I open the door. The strong winds increased, accompanied with a howling sound. Nylons carried around by the winds reminded me of the never-ending plastic pollution. Yet, environmentalists are still hopeful that something good might come out of all this. At this point in time, I could feel the light droplets slowly caressing the surface of my skin. Then, it began to land much faster but I still did not leave that spot. The rains had come visiting; it would be rude to leave a guest unattended to. The rains are symbolic, they always represent something greater than just the downpour of water. A change in season, a change in time.

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Hey everyone,

How is your week going? How did you spend your Easter weekend? Well, my Easter Sunday was online church + TV + food in that order. On another note, I finally opened a TikTok account. The peer pressure finally got to me. The lockdown has been extended again in my city (as expected). Is it weird that I’m kind of used to staying at home? My holidays have been typically spent at home but now I actually miss going to work and the interaction and structure it gives.


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A Story on Consistency

Once upon a time, I was asked to give a talk on consistency. I didn’t know what to say or how best I could drive home my point. I mean we all know the basics; you have to be consistent in doing something if you truly want it to grow and all that. But then again, we just add that to all the other bunch of information we know and rarely apply. *Don’t worry, I am dragging myself too*. So yes, back to the talk on consistency. As I began to prepare for my talk, I came across a peculiar story about the Chinese bamboo tree.

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