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Silicon Valley in a nutshell

Our flight was by 10:00 pm, it was a Delta flight meaning straight to the USA, no stopovers. By 6pm, a few presenters and I were already at the airport, but the bus with our luggage was no where to be found. Typical Enactus day! Thankfully the bus made it in time and we checked in.

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The Road to Silicon Valley (Pt 1)

Wow, I haven’t been here for ages. But I can explain, I have my reasons or rather I have my stories. And my hands can’t wait to spill the tea. You see for you to understand this story, I have to start from the beginning, right where it all began.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon in Covenant University, I had just woken up from the customary Sunday nap. Then I felt a nudge in my spirit. {I must pause the story at this point and tell you that you have to read this story with an open mind lest you miss out on all the good stuff. Do we have a deal? )

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