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The Bigger Picture

You know I haven’t being consistent with posting on the blog. A lot of things haven’t being going as well as they should do I wanted to hide. I wanted to hide from my blog because this is meant to be a source of inspiration and motivation to people, and so I didn’t want to write about my struggles,

As a writer, my current feelings would affect my work. Even down to my choice of words, you would know something was wrong. But I forgot for a brief moment that there is beauty in the struggle. There is beauty in the process, you just have to trust the process.

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The Only Truth


Hey everyone, hope your week was wonderful and productive. I learnt a lot this past week and I felt led to post this write up that I wrote earlier this year. So enjoy

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Gold in Him

It is the second day of my life. Why? Because I literally just started living yesterday. All the moments before the last twenty four hours seemed like a blur. I was drifting through space with no anchor. No fall back cushion. Just an endless routine of meaningless activities. I was stuck in limbo. I was literally just existing. But ‘my oh my’ was my facade so strong. It was the perfect illusion of a seemingly perfect life. It was a detailed fake perfection. The empty smiles, lifeless bubbles of joy and forced efforts to appear like everything was fine.

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