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My Birthday Gift to you

So it’s my birthday today, and I thought it would be befitting for me to give y’all a gift. Here is my birthday gift to you:

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May Review + The Secret of setting goals

Happy New Month everyone. It’s the sixth month and there’s still time to achieve all our intended goals.I can remember the first day of the year where we were all pumped out to achieve our goals. I told myself that I was going to continue my reading habit this year. I even joined a twitter book club to help me with that. Well, three unfinished books later, I just want to thank God for life.

The month of May started off with exams, lots of exams that required a lot of brain work. My secret aid was adequate planning and setting goals.

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Marching On – Tips For Productivity

I put off writing sometimes because I can’t afford to be mediocre. I can’t afford to be sub par with my blog posts. Each one has to be better than the last. That’s the ideology I always work with. But this week, I read two books by Austin Kleon : Steal like an Artist and Show your work. One major lesson I learnt was you have to be constantly creating and allowing yourself to grow. If you want me to write a quick review and summary on the books, please indicate in the comment section.

It’s a new month and we’re marching on with all our goals and plans (Pun intended 😂). We can’t afford to relax on our new year resolutions. We do what we have to do even when it’s not convenient. Lately my new approach to being productive are:

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My tips for brain boosting

The power of the brain is crazy.

I heard Yanny. No, I heard laurel. The viral clip that has set friends against each other. At first, It seemed like a crazy phenomenon. Then I did my research and found out that the sound waves of the two sounds were identical and differed in pitch. Once I had heard the both sounds, I could control what I wanted to hear. I could suggest to my brain to hear a particular sound.

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