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Living In The Present

Reading Chimamanda books has a way of making you feel like a writer. Her words will invite you into the story and at some point it would feel as though you had a say in how the novel plot was going to progress.

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Connecting with People

Life is all about getting to share experiences with people, both the good moments and the not so good ones. There is so much beauty in crossing paths with people and actually making connections that could last a lifetime. Recently, I’ve been talking a lot about how God places all the pieces of the puzzle together and completes the bigger picture, but I’ve realized that most of all those pieces are people He has placed in our lives.

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Life through my lens

I’ve been writing a lot this past few weeks but for academic purposes, I miss writing for my wonderful blog readers. My blog break has been longer than expected. It started out because of exams then I saw the need for a little redefinition of my blog’s purpose. I hope y’all have been fine and I’m sorry i left you without your weekly dose of our blog.

Earlier this year, I read a book that literally changed my perspective about everything.”The Purpose Driven Life”. The funny thing about this book is that I’ve had it for a really long time but just never got to reading it. At the beginning of the year, it was like God literally just forced the book to my hands and was like read child. The book was about achieving the purpose God has in plan for each of us. I can’t spill all the details in this blog post though (you might have to request for a review 😌)

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Time and Seasons

The waiting period. Waiting for everything to click. Stacking, preparing, praying for everything to be aligned. Waiting for the right time. Is there ever a right time for anything. What if it’s now or never. What if I missed it. Did you get carried away in waiting for a season that you forgot to prepare for it.

The concept of time and seasons, I’ve been learning so much about this and it would be illegal not to share. We’ll all know the saying “There’s time for everything” I mean it’s even in the Bible. We wait for right time to start our dreams. And when we start, we skip the build up period, we expect it to click so fast. Or my personal favorite, we follow other people’s timelines and calendars. We insist on achieving our goals at the same period they did. We insist on getting things done on their own duration. We hurry the process and when it ends up happening, are we ready for it.

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External Validation: Rants of a “writer”

Art is fluid. There is no good art or bad art. It’s all subject to the interpretation and appreciation from people. You can say ‘oh that’s a very fast athlete’ and everyone can agree with you because it is visual. But I can say ‘this is a beautiful article’ but it would still be subject to your interpretation. How do you find the balance. I feel like a true artist has to be at peace with their art. I use the word artist very loosely because I don’t consider myself an artist. Even the word ‘creative’ makes me feel like a fraud. There in lies the problem, if the source of all accolades come from external factors, how do we find validation in absence of that. As much as self appreciation is key, there needs to be a balance.

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