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The Only Truth


Hey everyone, hope your week was wonderful and productive. I learnt a lot this past week and I felt led to post this write up that I wrote earlier this year. So enjoy

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May Review + The Secret of setting goals

Happy New Month everyone. It’s the sixth month and there’s still time to achieve all our intended goals.I can remember the first day of the year where we were all pumped out to achieve our goals. I told myself that I was going to continue my reading habit this year. I even joined a twitter book club to help me with that. Well, three unfinished books later, I just want to thank God for life.

The month of May started off with exams, lots of exams that required a lot of brain work. My secret aid was adequate planning and setting goals.

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Life through my lens

I’ve been writing a lot this past few weeks but for academic purposes, I miss writing for my wonderful blog readers. My blog break has been longer than expected. It started out because of exams then I saw the need for a little redefinition of my blog’s purpose. I hope y’all have been fine and I’m sorry i left you without your weekly dose of our blog.

Earlier this year, I read a book that literally changed my perspective about everything.”The Purpose Driven Life”. The funny thing about this book is that I’ve had it for a really long time but just never got to reading it. At the beginning of the year, it was like God literally just forced the book to my hands and was like read child. The book was about achieving the purpose God has in plan for each of us. I can’t spill all the details in this blog post though (you might have to request for a review 😌)

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Am I forcing this writing thing?

They say you’ll know when you find what you love. They say doing it will make you feel at peace with yourself. They say you’ll smell like flowers when you find it. They say you’ll be in your own world oblivious to everyone. Do I feel that way about writing? I like to write, no doubt. But it doesn’t feel like flowers when I’m done. It feels like flowers when people appreciate my writing. Most times, my write ups feel basic, very basic. But when I post it, the accolades troop in. I hope you’re not celebrating mediocrity.

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